A Doll’s House, Duke of York’s Theatre

When a lovely London twitterer was looking for a fellow theatre goer to use a spare £10 ticket to see A Doll’s House with her I jumped at the chance. As usual I had no clue what the show was about before visiting but I had seen many rave reviews online and on posters in the underground and let’s face it you can’t really go wrong for a tenner can you?


The theatre was small and cosy reminding me of when I went to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate perform Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing two years ago and we were seated in the second row with a very good view. I really like the stage set up and was even more impressed when the show started and the stage rotated. It was totally magical, a bit like seeing inside a doll’s house in fact!

Usually I would add the synopsis from the theatres website to this kind of post but there isn’t one. There are however are commendations for Hattie Morahan’s performance as Nora which I heartily echo. Her child like exterior was played out wonderfully and her distress throughout apparent. Don’t get me wrong all of the actors performed brilliantly but hers was just exceptional. I loved every second of it and was completely emotionally wrung out by the end. It’s on a limited 12-week run at The Duke of York’s ending on Saturday the 26th October so hurry if you want tickets, I thoroughly recommend it!

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