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The last week of a massive international tour and rock star Paul, is at the height of his fame. Everybody knows his name. Whatever he wants he can have. He can screw anybody he wants to. He can buy anything he desires. He can eat anything. Drink anything. Smoke anything. Go anywhere. As the inevitability of the end of the road looms closer, and a return home becomes a reality, for Paul, the music is starting to jar.

You’ll probably remember me mentioning my friend Jemma’s obsession with Andrew Scott when we last went to see him in theatre last year performing the incredible one man show Sea Wall. Well he’s back on the stage again, this time in Birdland which is currently showing at The Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square which *spoiler alert* is absolutely freaking incredible!


The more stage shows I see the more fascinated I am by how each production uses the stage area and with Birdland there was no exception. A lot of the action took place on those six lit up chairs that you can see with the actors not taking part in that particular scene facing away from the audience or dimmed by light. The stage is also surrounded by a moat of water which plays an interesting part towards the end as well. It gets more chaotic as the play progresses which is of course symbolism of Paul’s own mindset.

The play is a solid two hours without an interval and most of the small cast play multiple characters with the exception of Andrew who is our main star and does an absolutely phenomenal job at it as well making us feel sorry for him and his bubble like life while also hating him a little for the way that he treats people throughout. He also has some pretty sweet dance moves on him as well giving Tom Hiddleston a run for his money 😉

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Andrew was incredibly gracious as always, coming out of the theatre after the matinée to sign for and take pictures with ALL of the fans who were there waiting for him and being ridiculously patient (as well as handsome!) He’s rapidly becoming one of my favourite actors especially on stage so if you can get along to see this before it closes I thoroughly recommend that you do!

Birdland runs until 31 May at the Royal Court Theatre Downstairs. Tickets for Mondays are available for just £10 online on the day.

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  1. It’s fantastic isn’t it? He is in my top tier if stage actors. If you can go to the V&A archive to view Design For Living with him and Tom Burke, which is pretty funny. Think it’s time he did a lighter role again!

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