Don Juan in Soho, Wyndham Theatre

Loosely based on Moliére’s tragicomedy ‘Don Juan’, this hilarious modern update transports the action to contemporary London and follows the final adventures of its debauched protagonist – a cruel seducer who lives only for pleasure.

Six years ago I took a trip to London (before I moved here obvs) to meet a boy who had stolen my heart a few months before. For our first “date” we went to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate in a modern version of Much Ado About Nothing at the Wyndham Theatre which was truly wonderful so it felt rather fitting to see Tennant return to the exact same stage once more, this time playing a character whom reminded me of that exact same boy but not in a particularly good way. He’s an absolute douchebag.

The play opens with Don Juan having had a one night stand the night after his own wedding and the aftermath that follows when his bride discovers where he has been. Tennant plays the role with ease making it easy to see how the women in the play can be taken in by him so easily while at the same time hating him and everything that he stands for. He’s unapologetic for his behaviour throughout and it’s brutal. Adrian Scarborough plays his long-suffering chauffeur who tries his best to point out the error of his ways to Don Juan without losing his paycheck and questioning the morality of his actions.

Don Juan in Soho was everything that I was expecting The Libertine to be but wasn’t. Both are stories about men who believe themselves to be gods gift to women who can do no wrong and can get any women they want but perhaps it was the modern setting for Don Juan which made it more credible. And it was funny, really funny as long as you aren’t easily offended. The script has been updated to include a rant at the narcissism of the social media generation as well as a few jabs at the current president of the united states which got the loudest laughs of the night. You shouldn’t take it to seriously though, the play itself certianly doesn’t.

Don Juan in Soho is running at the Wyndham theatre until June 10th 2017. Book your tickets here.

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