Richard III, Trafalgar Studios


In the aftermath of civil war, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, makes a hateful resolution to claw his way to political power at any cost. A master of manipulation, subtle wit and beguiling charm, he orchestrates his unlawful ascent by spinning a ruthless web of deceit and betrayal. His staunch ambition soon begins to weigh heavy, as the new ruler finds himself utterly alone and steeped in dread, forced to answer for his bloody deeds and face the horrifying consequences.

As both a massive theatre and Sherlock fan I knew that I wanted to see Martin Freeman perform on stage in Richard III as soon as it was announced but figure d that it would be pretty difficult to get tickets for the show given the actors popularity. However, I’ve always been really lucky when it comes to celebrity theatre performances that I want to see and this was no exception with Matt’s grandparents gifting me a pair of tickets for my birthday. (No, we’re no longer together. Yes, they are aware of this but for some reason they still buy me christmas and birthday gifts which is just the sweetest thing ever.) So after a long day at London Film and Comic Con I headed to Trafalgar Studios for the show.

The performance was OK. That’s it. It didn’t blow me away and while it was enjoyable it certainly wasn’t the best Shakespeare I’ve seen performed over the past year or so. Martin Freeman didn’t seem to fit the part particularly well and the others didn’t seem quite polished enough. There was however, a great deal of blood and gore with the audience in the first few rows actually getting splashed with fake blood at one point but this doesn’t make up for an otherwise lackluster performance.

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