Sea Wall, The Shed

the shed

Things for Alex are good. He loves his wife, his daughter, his city, his job. But sometimes the force of life can crash against you. Sometimes everything you thought you could always depend on can be taken away. Sea Wall is a story about family, fear and the things that can’t be undone.

My friend Jemma invites me to see the weirdest plays. Last month we saw The Hothouse at Trafalgar Studios and on Friday night we went to The Shed at the National Theatre to see the delicious Andrew Scott in the one man play Sea Wall. Andrew Scott’s performance as Alex is incredibly moving. It was a bit of a shock to walk in and see him standing waiting for the seats to be filled (there is no stage or props only him and his voice) and despite only being 30 minutes long it is a complete emotional rollercoaster taking the audience from laughing out loud to deathly silence in the short space of time.


Afterwards we popped along to the stage door in the hopes of meeting the man himself and were rewarded for our long wait (and for me some skinned knees) when he appeared close to 11:30pm, almost an hour after the show had ended. He was very gracious and incredibly softly spoken, signing autographs and posing pictures for each of us who had remained. For once my mouth didn’t run away from me and I managed to wish him good luck with the rest of the run.


Sea Wall sold out incredibly quickly but there are still a small number of day tickets available from 12 noon, online, by telephone and in person. It’s an extremely limited run running until Friday (no show this evening though) so if you can get a ticket and make it along I thoroughly recommend it!

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