The Comedy of Errors, The Globe


Take one pair of estranged twin brothers (both called Antipholus), and one pair of estranged twin servants (both called Dromio), keep them in ignorance of each other and throw them into a city with a reputation for sorcery, and you have all the ingredients for theatrical chaos. One Antipholus is astonished by his foreign hospitality; the other enraged by the hostility of his home town. The Dromios, caught between the two, are soundly beaten for obeying all the wrong orders. Basing his plot on a farce by Plautus, Shakespeare caps the mayhem of his Roman original to build up a hectic tale of violent cross-purposes, furious slapstick and social nightmare.

When T told me that he had never been to The Globe theatre despite living in London for over 5 years I decided that our second date should definitely be there. The Comedy of Errors is currently showing which I think is a fab introduction to Shakespeare as it’s funny, lighthearted and fairly easy to follow. I was also keen to see a show from the yard rather than a seat to see if it added anything to the performance.

We got to the theatre about ten past six which is a bit later than I would have had I been going on my own and did mean that the crowd in the yard was a couple of rows deep. If you want to be at the front you really need to get there early! We managed to get a pretty good spot though although at 6’4″ it wasn’t such an issued for T!

It opened with a hilarious scene starring Jamie Wilkes as one of the Dromio’s which really set the tone for the rest of the show in my opinion. It was laugh out loud funny from the beginning with a lot of slapstick humour that just got more and more ridiculous as the play went on which is exactly what you would expect from Shakespeare’s shortest play. Although he said he enjoyed it I don’t think it was really T’s scene which is a shame but I think if you have theatre in common a trip to The Globe is a perfect date idea!

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