The Railway Children, Kings Cross Theatre

All aboard! This stunning adaptation of E Nesbit’s classic novel The Railway Children is currently running at London’s King’s Cross Theatre. Set in a new, purpose built 1,000 seat venue, this breath-taking show features a stage built around a real train track, and a beautiful 60-tonne locomotive that steams into the theatre to delight all ages. Don’t miss your chance to join Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis on the adventure of a lifetime as they tell the story of how they became The Railway Children.

It feels like forever ago I was last at the theatre in London but it was really only at the beginning of the year. When my friend Roxy and I went to see Cats she’d mentioned The Railway Children production that had not long reopened in a purpose-built theatre at Kings Cross. It utilises a real track and steam engine so was a definite must see and last week we finally popped along.


The experience is magical from the moment you get there. Ushers and staff members are dressed up as conductors and station guards and the bar area is made to look like an old wooden waiting area. The set while it looks simplistic is used very cleverly with the action taking place along its full length. There are two platforms (seating areas) at either side of the stage so there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. We were on platform one towards the end on the aisle and were able to see everything perfectly.

The story is told from the perspective of the three railway children as grown ups looking back on their life and the story of what happened when their father went away and they had to move to the country. It’s a beautiful story which will keep the kids engaged and tug at the adults heart-strings. The steam engine brings a new dimension to the whole thing as well and its arrival will definitely excite the little ones.

I honestly cannot recommend this enough for anyone. It’s been extended until September and currently have a flash sale offering a 48% discount on tickets so go fast.

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