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Three Off West End Shows to see in July

I tend to see a lot of the bigger, flashier West End shows but since moving to London I’ve found an appreciation for smaller off West End Productions so each month I want to highlight some of them for you.

HEROINES – Theatre N16 (July 11th – 15th) Tickets £10/8

Six of Shakespeare’s women plucked from their individual plays, placed with us in the here and now in the 21st Century. Instead of Lady Macbeth, you get Emma: Still a powerhouse, still ambitious but a bit less murderous. What about Ophelia? Would she be the same? Maybe not… Effie, inspired by both Ophelia and Hamlet, still struggles with her mental health, but wouldn’t any actor with 20 jobs? Who is Juliet without Romeo? Chilling with her best mate Ros, pre-drinking and essay writing. When “shrew” Kate isn’t causing drama, she resides on her yoga mat… to eat Nutella. When it all goes tits up, Delia the Defuser is always at hand. You know, they always say it’s the quiet ones? No wonder Shakespeare didn’t put this feisty lot in the same play!

BOYS CLUB – Jackson’s Lane (July 12th) Pay What You Want

Some girls would do anything to be on stage. Two unemployed actresses have no choice but to pass for men in order to get work. Together, they host the male cabaret ‘Boys Club’ and deliver a testosterone-fuelled routine of dances and macho jokes… until an accident forces them to rethink their options. Awaken your inner activist in this gender-bending satire from Two Tongue Theatre.

SHEEP – White Bear Theatre (July 18th – 5th August) £15/12

It’s been twenty-one nights since Dexy last slept. It could be down to his choice of pillow. Duck Down. It could be down the heating in his flat. Nonexistent. Or it could be the fact his girlfriend’s missing, the police are scouring the streets and Dexy’s past is catching up with him. Ensconced in his third floor flat, over the course of an evening Dexy attempts to cast his mind back and fit the relevant pieces together, but as the blare of the sirens gets louder and night turns to morning the lines between dreams and reality and rational thinking and insanity become ever more blurred. As if this wasn’t enough, Dexy is visited by three very different people during the night.

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