5 Places I’ll be visiting in 2016

Hey guys, Happy New Year! I know, I know, it’s been about 90 years since my last post but let’s just forget about that – we’re old friends who continue as though we’ve never been apart right?

Similar to last year I’m starting the year off with a list of five places I’ll be visiting in 2016 – well, hopefully. I’m not quite as prepared as I was this time last year and the only thing I have booked so far is number one.


1) Tenerife

In April I’m taking my mum and niece on holiday to Tenerife for a week of sunshine and water parks. It’ll be my mums first time abroad in 25 years and I really can’t wait to share this experience with her.


2) Ireland

I’ve done a lot of travelling with other people this year so I’m actually looking really forward to going somewhere solo again in 2016. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland and flights are cheap from London so I think it’s the perfect destination. Suggestions of cities to visit are very welcome!


3) Budapest

Jen apparently didn’t hate travelling with me last year and so we’re looking at spending a long weekend in Budapest together this year. Budapest has been HUGE with travel bloggers this year and it’s a cheap destination to visit too so I’m really looking forward to exploring both Buda and Pest.

Las Vegas

4) Las Vegas

August this year marks the 50th anniversary of a little show called Star Trek and I’ve dreamed of heading to the official creation convention in Las Vegas to celebrate ever since I first became a fan of the show. I already have my ticket just need to get flights and accommodation sorted. And of course I’m going to have to check out the Grand Canyon since it’s so close by!


5) Vancouver

Flying to Vegas via Canada with WestJet is looking to be FAR cheaper than flying direct even if I use the Virgin Atlantic points I’ve been collecting so I’m considering tacking on a couple of days at the end to spend somewhere like Vancouver.

We’ll see, I’m pretty flexible with my plans this year! As always I want to explore more of the UK this year too. What are your travel plans for 2016? Anywhere in particular I should be thinking about adding to the list?

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