5 Places I’ll be Visiting in 2017

After a fairly quiet travel year for me (yes, yes I did go to Vegas and LA and see the Grand Canyon but that was my big trip of the year!) I am excited for a whole lot of exploring this year both at home in the UK, in Europe and *drumroll please* Asia!! I’m kinda not talking to America for a bit cos of Trump tbh. So where exactly am I heading this year?


I’ve wanted to go to Bath ever since I moved south but somehow never found the time to. But at the start of the year there was a sale on train tickets which meant I nabbed a cheap as chips £20 return fare for a weekend away in March. Such a shame that the hotel prices in Bath are so cray cray but I’m hoping to find a good deal!


It seems as though the travel bug has bitten my mother as after her first holiday abroad in over 25 years last year we’re off on another adventure in April. This time we’re heading to Turkey where we’ve managed to bag a fantastic all-inclusive deal in a 5* hotel that’s really close to a water park. Sun, sea, sand here we come!


Some of the Bangarang girls and I booked a super cheap long weekend to Bucharest. The flights cost us £40 return and I think accommodation is another £10 per night in our own apartment so we can basically spend as much or as little as we want once there. I literally have no preconceptions of what to expect once I’m there either which is really exciting. It’s also great preparation for…


A bunch of us have been talking about going to Japan for what feels like so, so long and it’s finally happening. It’s a country I don’t think I’d be comfortable travelling to on my own so I’m really looking forward to experiencing it with friends especially cos my bestie Jen is joining us too. This is defo going to be the most expensive trip of the year but that’s ok cos we got absolute bargains on our flights which we’ve already paid for.

Hong Kong

What’s the point in flying allll that way only to visit one country? At least that was my thinking when I tagged on a couple of days in Hong Kong to the start of the trip! It cost less than £100 more for the extra flights and it means I get to check out a whole new place without taking any extra time off work.

Also potentially on the cards is Iceland, Budapest, Edinburgh, Brighton and maybe Italy lol but we’ll see how far the bank balance stretches once the rest are all paid for! Where are you headed this year?

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