A Hiatus from Travel (and other stories)

So the last 6 months or so have been a bit tough to be honest and I can’t really tell you exactly why. There’s just been an overarching sense of melancholy in my life which means I haven’t really been all that up for exploring London much or indeed doing any real travel.

Since Mexico I haven’t really been anywhere new. I was in Birmingham for a Once Upon a Time convention with my niece, I spent a lovely weekend in Dundee for my Scottish besties hen do (and was back up again later in the summer for the wedding) and I had a great – yet anxiety filled – week at Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest with my mum, niece and two great-nephews.

How on earth anyone can keep their eyes on TWO very fast, small boys at the same time I have no idea. Especially when you give them bikes and a forest to explore! But that’s it. No new cities or countries explored, no new items ticked off the bucket list. There was an almost trip to Copenhagen with my flatmate but we’ll leave that story for a different time.

I’ve also had some health issues to contend with. My IBD is pretty much under control with medication and has been for a while but my immune system is definitely low as I’ve had two horrendous colds in the last couple of months which means I’ve basically had an awful cough for the last 2 months solid which may or may not actually be asthma.

But despite all this (and the really horrible dark mornings of the last few days) I’m starting to feel a little more me again and so naturally, I’ve been planning some trips! In a couple of weeks I’m heading off to Spain for the first time since I was 4 for a cheeky double city break in Barcelona and Valencia. It’s going to be a nice mix of cheap and cheerful with my first proper hostel experience as well as some splashes of luxury in a couple of nicer hotels to recharge my introverted spirit  back up. I’m excited to see who I meet, what I see and most importantly what I can eat!

Later in November I’m off to Porto to celebrate my flatmates birthday and I’m also looking at a cheeky Winter break to Poland in between Christmas and New Year cause if I have to take time off unpaid I might as well make the most of it! So of course I’m looking for your suggestions and tips on what to see and do in any of these places. Planning trips is almost as fun as being on the journey itself!

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