Hotel Vice Versa, Paris

One thing I am very good at (and my friends will back me up on this) is that when it comes to getting a good deal on a hotel I am the queen! I mean I scored this beauty for just £125 for the night when the rack rate was a whopping £460!

I love a luxury hotel in fact beautiful hotels rooms and things like Secret Escapes are like porn to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not snobby about it and will more than happily spend the night in a budget hotel when the need arises but if I can get something a bit nicer for just a little bit more money then I will. For Paris I wanted something a bit more special. A bit more sinful even!

Vice Versa Entrance

Hotel Vice Versa is a themed hotel based on the seven deadly sins. I’d seen in a Secret Escapes e-mail months ago now and pinned it to my hotels Pinterest board so when it was confirmed we were going I knew I just had to stay there.

viceversa heaven collage

When you first arrive at the hotel you enter Heaven, or if it were a normal hotel; the lobby. Everything is sumptuous and white. There’s no obvious reception area but I was too busy taking pictures of everything in sight to notice. We were greeted by a lovely lady who asked the name the room was booked under and told us to take a seat while she retrieved our key for us.

About a week before we left on our trip I had e-mailed the hotel to see if it was possible for them to accommodate us in a lust themed room as it was one of my favourite themes (to be honest I would have been happy with any of them but this was pink, black and sultry looking) as others had advised they had done on TripAdvisor.

viceversa 603

We whizzed up to the top floor in a red light lit, rubber padded elevator to room 603 where I was delighted to see that they had been able to grant my request. While the room was compact (to be expected in Paris) everything was exactly as it had appeared on the website!

viceversa bed

vice versa dressing table

The attention to detail really shone through from the corsets on the lampshades and carpet to the cutest little old fashioned telephone and the slightly cheeky heart shaped mirror on the ceiling above the bed.

viceversa details

Vice Versa mirror

The bathroom was tiny but an absolute joy to behold with the theme carried through beautifully, lovely miniature toiletries which soon found their way into my wash bag (I have a minor obsession ) and very cute his ‘n’ hers slippers.

vce versa bathroom 1

Vice Versa Shower

Vice Versa Bathroom 2

Vice Versa Bathroom 3

The shower was the best part though. Not only was it extremely powerful but you could choose to have it lit up in sultry red and I mean why exactly wouldn’t you?

Vice Versa Shower red

That said, the bathroom didn’t have a lock and it was just a sliding door so there is barely any privacy which is a negative so I wouldn’t recommend sharing a room at this hotel with someone you’re not 100% comfortable around but the bed itself was very comfortable, you could hardly even hear anything from the street outside and the decor was, in my opinion, outstanding. Matt was probably less impressed though but hey, you can’t have everything! There was even an iPod dock at the side of the bed that meant we could both charge our phones overnight despite only having brought one adapter.

We didn’t use the hammam, which being in the basement symbolises Hell, but you can book in for an hour inclusive of your room rate. You can also choose to have a continental breakfast as well in the super cute pink diner style eating area but again this isn’t something we opted for. I do wish I’d snuck in to take some pictures though but we were too keen to get on with making the most of our second day in Paris!

The rack rate for this room (from the back of the door) was €360, so about £269 but thanks to a combination of Trivago searching and eBookers discount code we paid just £86.91 between us. Fabulous darling! If you’re looking for somewhere a bit different to stay, perhaps for a special occasion or anniversary, then I definitely recommend Hotel Vice Versa for your trip.

Hotel Vice Versa
213 rue de la Croix Nivert
75015 Paris

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