Livin’ La Villa Loca

What’s with this weather eh? It feels like it’s gearing up for Christmas instead of beautiful Spring sunshine like it should be doing this time of year. It’s always a bit disappointing when the weather doesn’t play ball with your plans and that’s exactly what happened when some of the girls and I headed off to Cyprus for a little bit of Winter sun. Cyprus apparently gets around 320 days of sun every year but for the four we were there we only managed a solitary one. It didn’t matter though because with these gals around life is always sunny!

*Disclaimer: This post written in collaboration with JamesVillas. Our stay at Aphrodite Hills was complimentary in exchange for writing this post. The below opinions are still my own and not influenced by this in any way.

Travelling as a group of 5 in Japan made it obvious that most hotels aren’t really equipped for big groups. You end up in rooms in different parts of the hotel and having to co-ordinate breakfast times and whatnot over group chat which can get a bit annoying. Airbnb’s or local apartments can be a great option but once you start hitting 7+ people in a group your options are limited – so what’s the solution? A great big villa where everyone can buddy up, with its own kitchen to make breakfast and dinner for that many people a breeze, multiple bathrooms so there’s no arguing over who gets to shower and even your own pool.

I’ve only stayed in a villa once before and that was like a million years ago with my ex boyfriend and his (huge) family when we all went to Florida for two weeks to visit all the theme parks we could fit in to that time. I think that villa must have been a privately owned one though because the one in Cyprus was different. JamesVillas have a great selection of villas in Cyprus and the one allocated to us was located in the resort of Aphrodite Hills – just a 20 minute drive from Paphos airport and a mere five minutes from that infamous rock where Aphrodite was said to have been born from the sea.

The benefits of having a villa located within a resort are huge. Not only do you have your own private space to come and go as you please but you can also take advantage of a multitude of activities and facilities that are on offer. There’s an 18 hole golf course that recently reopened on January 19th after a major upgrade, both hard and clay tennis courts, an incredible spa for you to relax and unwind as well as a village square with everything else you could need; a Costa, small supermarket, ice cream shop, six different restaurants and bars as well as a private beach located a little further along the coast.

The kids are well catered for too if you have them with kids clubs for different age groups and a small water park. Truth be told you don’t even have to leave the resort if you don’t want to, but Cyprus is a pretty small island and there’s plenty to explore in the surrounding areas. Paphos is just a 20 minutes drive away, Kolossi & Limassol 30 minutes and Aiya Napa just over an hour and a half away. We partook in a bit of tennis and a private golf lesson – we all managed to hit a lot of balls so I’d call that a success all round. Sadly the spa was fully booked with it being the weekend before Valentines – next time!

While we did venture out and explore a little each day, our time in Cyprus was definitely taken at a slower pace than I think any of us are used to when travelling. Just hanging out by the pool (snuggled under blankets and jumpers) chatting, playing Cards Against Humanity and Headsup with glasses of wine (I literally laughed so hard I threw up a little bit) and feasting on pizzas, garlic bread and salads we’d thrown together were some of my favourite parts of the trip and I think the other girls would agree. Sometimes just slowing down is what you need even if you don’t realise it and villa holidays can definitely help you achieve just that without too much effort.

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