Just Go

Hey guys, long time no speak eh?

I’d apologise but actually I’ve been away having the time of my life in Hong Kong and Japan with some of my favourite people in the world and I don’t really think is something to be apologising for do you? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million time over but travel really is the only thing you can buy in life that makes you richer instead of poorer.

Just go.

I had an absolute blast and even though the trip had its arleallenges for me I’m super grateful that I ignored the little gremlins inside my head that told me maybe I shouldn’t go. Sometimes you need to just go and deal with the consequences afterwards.

Just go.

As this post goes live I’m at another airport. I can’t say where I’m going or why but if you keep an eye on my twitter feed tomorrow you’ll be one of the first to know. It’s a secret I’ve been keeping for MONTHS and I am so excited to see how it plays out.

Just go.

Two little words with such big meaning especially within Bangarang (aka Katy, Erica, Charlie, Charley, Emma, Jasmin, AJ, Katie, Claire and Milly). One thing that all eleven of us have in common (as well as all being bloggers) is our love of travel. It’s pretty much impossible to keep on top go who is where in the world at any one time and this year we’ve been exploring more of it as a group too. First Bucharest then Cornwall and now Japan.

Just go.

Charley’s best friend Amy headed off on an around the world trip herself but sadly never made it home. I never met Amy but from how Charley describes her she was as Bangarang as they come. She certainly lived the Just Go mantra as well as the rest of us.

Just go.

These words mean so much to us that we’ve had them immortalised in sterling silver in an exclusive collab with Zeal & Heart (brainchild of incredibly funny blogger Rebecca aka Runawaykiwi). It’s a limited run of 100 (I have #3!) and we’ve each got one meaning there are only 89 more available for purchase – and we’ve sold a couple already!


They make great gifts as they are simple yet unique, the charm itself costs £25 on its own or £35 with the chain (plus shipping) and can be sent worldwide. Better still proceeds from the sale of these necklaces will go directly to Headway in memory of Amy.

What are you waiting for? Just go…

P.S If you haven’t booked flights or train tickets somewhere while reading this you’re a stronger person than I!

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