The less fun parts of solo travel

This months travel linkup theme is about the less than glossy side of travelling, the outtakes if you will.

Most of my more recent travels have been solo trips which is awesome because I get to set my own schedule and itinerary but it also comes with its own share of issues.

Never getting the best deal
By far the most frustrating thing about trying to book a solo trip is that fact that ALL of the best deals are always for two people. Travelzoo, Wowcher holidays and Secret Escape deals always look so damn good on the surface but the prices are always based on two sharing and when they do offer a single person supplement it’s usually a prohibitively large sum on money that makes it totally not worth it.

Awkward selfies
I don’t have a whole lot of photos or myself from my travels and the ones that I do have are usually selfies. Except selfies are some of the most difficult photographs to take and the majority of them end up looking just plain awkward as you try to get the attraction or view at just the right angle behind you. And being a solo traveller it’s just too much of a risk to trust someone with your phone in order for them to grab a quick snap of you!

I suffer from major FOMO and want to see as much as I can from each new place I visit but I don’t always have the luxury of time. This leads to me trying to cram in way too much into the time that I do have and burning out to the point where I end up collapsing in my hotel room at around 8 or 9pm desperate for a good nights sleep. If someone else is there to share the planning they’re more likely to point out that trying to do everything simply isn’t the best plan.

This is what happens when you overdo it on the walking while wearing sandals

Eating solo
I actually don’t mind eating solo so much when I’m in the UK but for some reason when I’m in another country it feels awkward. Maybe it’s the language barrier and not having someone to laugh at the strange words on the menu but it’s very rare that I’ll feel comfortable enough to sit and eat my way through a three course dinner on my own. Which is a shame because trying the local cuisine is one of my favourite things to do!

Of course the positives far outweigh the negatives when it comes to solo travel so not having a travel partner won’t stop me from visiting new places for now. In fact I’m off to Bath next month for a nice little solo adventure!

Have you ever gone away on your own? What’s the biggest challenge you struggle with?

6 thoughts on “The less fun parts of solo travel

  1. I can totally relate to burnout. I travel for work, but usually tag a few days onto the end of the trip so I can explore. Except that by the time it gets to that point, I’m so tired from working all week that I just want to relax, but then I feel like I have to go and enjoy myself… cue coming home at the end of the “working holiday” and needing to sleep for days!

  2. I actually prefer eating alone abroad than in the UK, maybe because I know nobody will spot me and think I’m a loner! I manage to get good pics of me abroad when I spot other people trying to take selfies or they’re taking a pic of their mate and I offer to take the photo for them. Then I just ask for them to take one for me! Solo travel burnout is so real though. I felt so guilty spending a whole day in Shanghai in my hotel room but after a solid month of being busy, I deserved it!

    1. I need to work on getting better at asking/offering on the photo front. I just get so anxious about it! Nice hotels rooms are one way to prevent travel burnout as at least you can recharge in luxurious suroundings x

  3. I am not one to stay out late after dinner, but sometimes I find myself bored in the hotel when I return. It is usually too early to go to bed and sometimes there is nothing on tv in English. There is always a book, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it!

    1. Yeah I don’t really drink much when I’m on holiday so don’t like to be out late either but I’m usually so tired from my day that I just have a bath and crawl in to bed haha x

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