My Guilty Secret…

It’s been a couple of months since I took part in the travel link up hosted by Kelly, Emma and Rebecca either due to not being sure what to write for the chosen theme or just simply not having time/room in my post schedule so it’s nice that after meeting them all at the weekend along with this month’s guest host Polly that I’m joining in once more with April’s topic: Guilty Pleasures.

Craibstone Apartments Aberdeen

When it comes to guilty pleasures when travelling by biggest by far is choosing luxury hotels over budget ones even though I know a lot of the time it’s really not worth it for all the time I acftually spend in the rooms. Although I do like it when I get the best of both worlds like the fact that I’ve just booked a night in the five star Threadneedles hotel to celebrate my 2 year anniversary of moving to London for a fantabulous £30 thanks to the amazing flash sale.

The beauty and comfort of them is one reason but the other is that I am obsessed with miniature toiletries! Seriously… I don’t really know why I love them so much but I do. Do I use them? Er… no… well not at the hotel where they were actually provided.

Box of minis

I actually have a whole box full of minis and I don’t even really know why. If I’m staying in the same place for more than one night I make sure that I pop them into my wash bag out of sight so that we’re given new ones and I can take them home with me. I then pack them whenever I know I’m staying somewhere less plush or going to visit friends and it’s a lovely little bit of luxury in a budget environment.

Hudson Hotel Minis White company minis Vice Versa Hotel minis Mercure Minis

I also love buying tiny cans of deod0rant and tubes of toothpaste! (Everything’s better in miniature right? Especially food!) It’s a bit weird I know and I do sometimes feel a bit guilty about it but they’re technically included in the price of the room! I can’t be the only one that does this right?

What’s your guilty pleasure?

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