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A Weekend in… New York City

I’m taking a travel writing class at the moment, it was my birthday present from my parents because I couldn’t afford it myself. A couple of weeks ago we were set an assignment to mimic a piece that we found in the press and make it our own. I pieced together bits of my two trips to New York City a few years ago to write the below and I wanted to do something with it so I thought I’d put it up here. What do you think? Do you like this style of writing? I’d love to hear any criticism you may have. Credit to Helen Ochyra from The Times who wrote the original article A weekend in… Palma, Majorca.

If I could move to any city in America, it would be New York. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to after a weekend spent strolling Central Park, eating an array of stereotypical foods, soaking in the theatre culture and getting lost in a perfect grid of streets.

The city that never sleeps is all about having a good time. I spent my first night here wearing a white mask, anonymously stalking actors around 3 ex-warehouses which have been combined to form the fictional McKittrick hotel – home to Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More. Opened in 2011 the production has gone from strength to strength and continues to pull immersive theatre addicts back for more.

Next stop is Juniors Cheesecake in the heart of Grand Central Station – a destination in its own right as well as the escape route from the city. From behind the glass counter I select a wedge of red velvet, a delectable combination of my two favourite sweet treats and one not to be missed! The beauty of the cheesecake here is it comes in a slab far too big to finish in one go and the rest is boxed up and taken away to satisfy my hunger when, inevitably the jetlag catches up with me at 3am.

Understandably, the next morning starts late but the Hudson Hotel – chosen for its trendy reputation, convenient location and Instagrammable lobby – is just a few blocks away from the famous Pick-A-Bagel where I meet up with a friend from nearby New Jersey.

Out next stop is the Rockefeller Center – cliché? Sure, but it undeniably provides some of the best views in Manhattan. The queue moves swiftly and we’re kept entertained by the history of the building and its construction along the way so that once we reach the observation deck the feat of architecture seems even more impressive. Ascending to the highest possible viewing platform we gaze out at the city spread before us.

It’s been a few hours since breakfast and it wouldn’t be a trip to NYC without grabbing a slice of two of pizza. So back on ground level we hot foot it to nearby John’s Pizzeria.Here we order a traditional pie to share which is more than enough for the two of us. I wash mine down with a cool and refreshing Pina Colada, one of John’s frozen specialities.

The joy of New York is getting lost in the streets and noticing as you make the seamless shift from one neighbourhood to another. We chance upon a steampunk bar serving Doctor Who themed cocktails – strong due to being free poured rather than carefully measured.

Encouraged by my trip to the toilet concealed in a TARDIS I order the Captain Jack, a lethal combination of Captain Morgan rum, Jack Daniels whiskey and cola. I’m not normally a fan of either rum or whiskey but somehow in NYC everything tastes better.

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    1. I’d say so especially if you go in the Summer time – maybe not so easy in Winter. It’s SO easy to get anywhere as it’s all super close x

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