The One Thing you Should do Before Booking any Travel

For a friends 19th birthday we decided to have our first girlie holiday together and had spent months planning a long weekend trip to Prague. Everything was booked; the flights, the hotel and we had an entire itinerary planned out. It would be my first holiday without an “adult” in tow and I was really looking forward to it.

Haphazardly throwing things into my case the night before we were due to fly out while listening to trashy music I retrieved my passport from its safe place, opened up to the photograph page and promptly burst into tears but sadly not of laughter.

british passport

Everyone knows that British passports last for ten years but did you know that if you get a passport as a child they only last for five before you have to renew/update the photograph? As I’d been lucky enough to visit relatives in Australia at the tender age of 14 my passport had in fact expired the month before and there was absolutely no way I’d be able to fly on it.

We were flying from Glasgow so I did some research to see if there was any way I could get a fast tracked extension but the only appointments available were in Edinburgh and there was absolutely no way I could make it there in time and back to the airport in time for our flight. I was devastated and so was my friend. We both lost every penny we’d paid and I completely ruined her birthday. Somehow we’re still friends ten years later but my gosh did I learn never to book ANYTHING before checking the validity of my passport!

photo credit: Closeup of UK passport and Euro notes via photopin (license)

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