2.8 Hours Later


For our Saturday night entertainment in Cardiff, Matt and I got ourselves prepared for the zombie apocalypse. 2.8 hours later was hitting the Welsh capital and we had tickets. In case you don’t know about 2.8 hours here’s a bit more info:

Starting from a secret city centre location, 2.8 Hours Later is a zombie chase game, a thrill-packed roller coaster ride of filmic gore.You will find yourself in a city that has been devastated by a zombie invasion. Your aim; to find the small pockets of survivors hiding out in some amazing locations. While all the time running from the hoards of bloodthirsty zombies roaming the streets between you and your goal. Each location will get you one step closer to resistance HQ; the last safe place in the city. Can you and your friends make it through this nightmarish world and find the Zombie disco?

How cool does that sound? Well from experience I can tell you: very! Our meeting point as a multi-story car park where we registered, queued (it was a very British apocalypse) and were then briefed as to the “situation” before being let loose to find the first check point. We were then split into teams and off we went. Luckily a few of the members of our team were from Cardiff so our lack of local knowledge and inability to read maps wasn’t an issue.

For safety reasons the zombies were generally kept to enclosed places so that no-one could run out in front of a car and get hit so most of the checkpoints were in more car parks (although one of the most terrifying bits was when we walked down the main pedestrianized shopping street in Cardiff and zombies started chasing us through the crowds of shoppers!) and back alleys.


I’m quite unfit and I am not a runner so I found it quite tough going but there were rest periods between encounters so it wasn’t too hard. I did get tagged by a zombie at one point but luckily didn’t get infected. The way they handle the infection is actually really cool, some of the zombies must have UV ink or paint on their hands so you don’t find out whether you are infected until you reach the end and are scanned for quarantine. Those unlucky enough to get caught get made up with zombie make-up at the disco at the end however our whole team managed to make it through uninfected!! (Although I did sneak in and get made up anyway as it looked like so much fun!)


2.8 hours later are coming to London later this year so if you haven’t already I strongly suggest that you get some tickets for this awesome event. It’s a little more expensive than other cities have been so far but as I’m sure you can imagine running costs will be much higher and lets face it, how many people can say they’ve survived a zombie apocalypse?!

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