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Again while LegoLand isn’t technically in London it is close enough for a day visit and is absolutely totally, definitely worth it! Matt and I spent the day there on our way to Wales last weekend and it was incredible. We were very fortunate with the weather although I don’t think even rain could have put a dampner on our day.


LegoLand is HUGE and as it was the school holidays and a rather sunny day it was also very busy. I vastly underestimated what there would be to see and do there and as such now want to go again… who wants to come? The resort is split into eleven different themed areas: The Beginning, Miniland, Duplo Valley, Traffic, Adventure Land, Lego City, Kingdom of the Pharaohs, Land of the Vikings, Pirates Landing and Knights Kingdom *phew* each with their own rides and attractions, plan your day as much in advance if you can. Decide at the beginning what you’re not willing to miss out on and aim for those, it’s highly unlikely you will see and do everything in the park over the course of a day or even two.


I knew before we went about the new Duplo Valley but I wasn’t expecting quite so many of the rides at LegoLand to be water rides! I think every single area of the park has at least one water attraction. Due the gorgeous weather though this meant that wait times were quite often listed as up to an hour for the biggies and as such we focused on those with smaller queues.

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Our first ride was the Raft River Racers which was exhilarating and got us well and truly soaked by the time we got to the bottom meaning we had to walk around with soggy bums until we’d dried off a bit! (There are haystack dryers available which you can pay to use in order to dry off a bit quicker but we didn’t bother.) As you walk round the park there is always something to see; usually made with Lego and either making some kind of sound or moving as well. I really wanted to attend the driving school and get myself a Lego drivers licence but this was only available for children (boo hiss, LegoLand!) we said we’d return to the boating school later in the day but we unfortunately ran out of time.


The LegoLand hotel has its own entrance to the park and you can see the resort in all of its glory. It looks ah-mazing and I would absolutely LOVE to spend the night there if I were to return. (Also, if you book at least one night at the hotel and your ticket together you get two days entry for the price of one which isn’t too be sniffed at given the entry prices.)


We made it to Skeleton Bay just in time to see one of the pirate themed stunt shows which was done brilliantly. I had to look away several times as they jumped or dove (dived?) into the water from great heights. By this point in the afternoon we were rapidly running out of time and still had to visit The Kingdom of the Pharaohs, Miniland, Land of the Vikings, Pirates Landing and Knights Kingdom as well as the Lego Star Wars miniland display back at The Beginning.

Miniland was a must see for me and it didn’t disappoint with many little islands depicting various cities and landmarks from across the world. My favourite was seeing Edinburgh Castle, London (of course!) and the Kennedy Space Centre (complete with mini Yoda and Stormtroopers!!). It did seem odd to me that they didn’t have the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty but they had other less known places but it was still fantastic to see.

Happy that I had achieved my main goal we headed off to find Knights for Matt passing through Pirates Landing on the way. The castle in Knights’ Kingdom was amazing and housed one of the best rides we went on The Dragon rollercoaster which starts off inside and take you past loads of animated Lego models before exiting the building to twist and turn you at great speed!

Being big geeks we both wanted to see the Star Wars mini display so we decided to head back towards The Beginning to grab a quick peek before we had to leave. However on the way we spotted the Vikings River Splash a rapids ride in which you WILL get absolutely soaked (and we had just dried off as well!!) and it didn’t have too long of a queue / we were able to get on and round with 15 minutes left to spare around the Star Wars exhibit, which was good but I felt it wasn’t quite as exciting as I had thought it would be.

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LegoLand isn’t a cheap day out (especially if you’re a big family) but there are ways to make it more affordable. We went armed with a 241 voucher I’d managed to nab from a newspaper and these kind of deals can often be found on cereal boxes and such like. You can use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to buy tickets if you collect those and it’s also much cheaper online if you can book your tickets well in advance.

P.S. I didn’t want to make this post too picture heavy so I’ve uploaded a selection of my photos to my Facebook page (although not all 200+ that I took over the course of the day you’ll be glad to know!)

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