Snapshots of… Staines

Living in London means I’m going to be a whole lot closer to pretty much everywhere and there’s going to be a lot more scope for visiting other places so I figured I could have a Snapshots of… category on the blog so that I can still post about those other places.


When I decided to move to London I was lucky enough to have some wonderful friends offer me a place to stay while I found my feet. (Much to my mums delight) They live in Staines, a little town just a 30 minute train journey from Waterloo that somehow manages to retain that lovely sleepy village feel to it probably due to its proximity to the Thames River which made for some beautiful walks when the weather was lovely.


Just look at those picturesque views! Definitely a contender for people who don’t mind the commute or who can work from home, the houses on the river are just stunning. What could be better than waking up to that on your doorstep every morning? Oh it’s super close to Thorpe Park which has some of the best rides and rollercoasters in the country. I will definitely be checking it out!

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