Pleasurewood Hills, Lowestoft

As if having a lovely picnic on Saturday wasn’t enough for one weekend I headed off for a day trip to Pleasurewood Hills* in Lowestoft on the Sunday. It was supposed to be 24 degrees but luckily there was some cloud cover so it didn’t actually get quite that hot and I was able to wear jeans for the first time in weeks! It’s not a huge theme park like Alton Towers or Thorpe Park (which I’m hoping to check out before summer is over) but there is still a huge amount for all the family to see and do.


Our first stop was Hobs Pit one of the four new attractions for 2013 at Pleasurewood. (The others being the Pleasurewood Paddlers pedalos which sadly weren’t open, Woody’s Tea Party teacup ride and Moby Dick both of which are kiddie rides and as such we weren’t allowed on without a child :() To be honest although it started off scarily enough the ride was a bit of a disappointment once we actually boarded the carriage, I was expecting to jump a lot more and for the live actors to get right up close to me. Of course we didn’t let this put us off and continued on our wanders around the park. I got thoroughly over excited when I discovered that the carousel has a second story!

carouselUnfortunately we discovered the time of both the sea-lion and parrot shows too late to be able to attend either (PWHills – it would be good if you had these times at the main gate rather than by the entrance to the exhibit. EDIT: PWHills got in contact with me to say that these times ARE available at the main gate, clearly we were too excited about our day out to notice!) but we did hop on the log flume for a quick ride and got a good soaking! Being competitive as we are, both Matt and I wanted to try the go karts and the laser labyrinth (both of these activities incur a surcharge, £4 for the karts and £1.50 for laser tag) due to two boys competing on the track also we never really got close to each other in the karting but the laser labyrinth was great fun just the two of us and definitely something I’d like to try again (and not just because I lost)!

IMG_3206 IMG_3211We’d taken the cable car from one end of the park to the other so we were nearer the rollercoasters at this point and went on the smallest of the three Snake in the Grass not once but twice before taking each other on at the bumper cars.

snakeinthegrassI’m a massive rollercoaster fan but Matt isn’t that keen on heights so he kindly took some pictures of me on WipeOut the most extreme coaster in the park. This rollercoaster pulls you up to the top of a big slope so you’re facing down before dropping you, it then loops upside down several times before climbing to the top of a second parallel slope and then releasing you so that you do the whole thing again but backwards. I think you can probably tell from my face that I enjoyed it a lot!

IMG_3218 IMG_3219We went on the kite flyers which made me a little dizzy and ill. Given that they’re designed for kids it’s a bit ironic that I didn’t like these compared to the WipeOut! But I wasn’t going to let a little wooziness stop me from having fun so onwards we went to The Jolly Roger and Enigma coasters – two more of the thrill rides at the park. The Jolly Roger takes you up 40 metres (and has some spectacular views) before plunging you back to the ground at 60mph. Needless to say I went on that one alone too! Enigma was a much more civilised rollercoaster faster and twistier than Snake in the Grass and not so extreme as WipeOut, it got the thumbs up from Matt.


I was a bit disappointed not to have bumped into the parks mascot Woody Bear but then just as we were getting ready to leave (or should I say hit the gift shop 😉 ) there he was in all his glory with Ronnie the Racoon to boot! Icing on the cake to a fabulous day out. I’ve also just discovered that if you meet teh gang at one of their scheduled meet and greets you can get their autographs!! How cool is that? (Yes I am just a big kid at heart.)

mascotsThanks for having us Woody and co! I’m tempted to pop back in October for their Pleasurewood Chills events

* We visited using a deal that popped up in one of my London Groupon e-mails which gave us a daily wristband for £11.50 per person, the regular price is £19 on the day or £18 in advance they also accept Tesco Clubcard vouchers!

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