What to do on a weekend in Edinburgh

Ah Edinburgh my old friend. There was once a time when I took two or three trips to the Scottish capital every year but since moving to London I’ve not been once. Edinburgh is a really fantastic place to visit for a long weekend and as I was there for a very dear friend’s wedding this past weekend I thought I’d share with you some of the best places to visit in the city.

Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo
My friend actually got married in the zoo which was a pretty ace venue if I do say so myself but it is also the perfect place to visit should the weather be kind to you. It’s far better than London Zoo (in my opinion) and the range of animals is excellent. The penguins are totally my favourite and the penguin parade is not to be missed.

scott monument

Princes Street Gardens & the Scott Monument
Princes Street Gardens is a wonderful green space smack bang in the city centre which is perfect for a meander. If you arrive by train it will be the first thing you encounter – along with a glorious view of the castle. It’s also home to the Scott Monument celebrating the life of author Sir Walter Scott. If you’re feeling energetic you can climb to the top to get some seriously stunning views of the city – you’ll even get a wee certificate at the end to say that you did it too!

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle
You all know I love castles and Edinburgh is no exception. Steeped in history Edinburgh is a proper castle built on the top of the mound where it could be protected. At £16.50 it’s not too steep an entry price either and there is plenty to keep everyone entertained including the famous Scottish crown jewels.

Bagpiper royal mile

The Royal Mile
The mile of road from the castle to Holyrood Palace is a haven for tourists but still not to be missed. Interspersed among the gaudy souvenir shops selling ginger wigs and more tartan tat than you can shake a stick at you’ll find the gorgeous St Giles Cathedral, John Knox House and near the end the unique Scottish Parliament Building. If you’re lucky you’ll even be piped on your way by a traditional bagpiper!

Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland
This was my first time visiting the National Museum of Scotland and I was so impressed by it I can’t wait to return! A fantastic array of galleries from animals and dinosaurs to meteorites and of course a lot of Scottish history too. It was there during the Science Festival so got to see the Mars Rover and there were lots of other activated on during the day for both children and adults alike.

There are about a hundred other things I could add to the list but I’ll leave it at that for now. Have you been to Edinburgh? What would you recommend to someone visiting for the weekend?

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